My name is Nicolas Mandil. I’ve learn to read at floppy disk era. My engine is social change. My fuel is engagement to produce empowering. My way is collaboration. I use that baseline in many areas : buildings, public transport urban planner, politic attendee, event management, computing.

Right now, I’m a freelancer building its own project, a free-libre-indie-open web & software & hardware advocate, a citizen passionate by politics & ecology, an independant press reader, a Firefox OS contributor… and an human being living in Grenoble, France.

I like comics, short movies, day-to-day poetry, wild nature, philosophy, gastronomy, second hand shops… and underlining my books.

I think that we can change what we understand. I like to learn, step by step and to share this. My projects are a never-ending initiatory path to life for me. I like to be with people that share my need of liberty and hope. Big words, small – but unstopped – steps.

Humans are the key of everything, every time, everywhere.

This blog is my personal blog. Here are my opinions, that are changing as my understanding on life is. It is hosted by Indie Hosters because I care about the indie web.

You can contact me by sending an email to nicolasweb at repeer.org. You can also leave a comment on any post where you have something to say.

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