The Internet, a human need or a human right ?

In its post The Internet is a Global Public Resource, Mark Surman asks if we think the Internet rank with other primary human needs.

Yes, it’s time to make the Internet a mainstream concern. It’s important that Mozilla, a FLOSS mainstream software maker supports it, because we will need end-to-end consuming chain involvement to succeed.

The Internet is important in our lives, and yes it’s turning to be critical with automation, IoT, IA… because we will delegate to it more decisions levels: decision resource to decision making. However, I don’t conceive it as an absolute human need. It’s more a consuming need: a (really nice and powerful) convenience.
The question to me is more about the social contract, the context it is used in: the (actual situation of the) Internet is critical regarding humans rights more than humans needs. Before being a life requirement, it’s a social condition. It’s more about democracy than life. More about people’s interaction than people’s life.

Hence, if it’s about the social contact, that in our societies is expressed in ours Constitution, we should express how the current state of the Internet is going for/against ours nation fundamental law, the values and the norms hierarchy it carry (like what is more important between security and liberty, in which context, …).
If, as Mark proposed, we consider the parallels with the environmental movement, the question started from preserving a living species, to the living species diversity, to the balance of a system we are part of. With the Internet, it’s the same thing, we need to spread out the idea that it’s not only about a particular thing aside, it’s about it’s interaction in our system and its impact on the actual balance that can drastically change the system’s rules.
To succeed, we should do it considering the actual questioning in the society (fears and hopes), the cultural crisis, to show how the alignment with our mission builds an alternative with answers. That’s a critical condition if we want to be cohesive to get a massive impact. The social contract is a common narrative that define a common identity on which we base the judgment of our actions.
To me, in my country, France, I would like to see a campaign that question liberty, equality and fraternity against the Internet in my daily life & choices.

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