MDN translation features & up-to-date content

Problem statement:

Maintaining up-to-date translated content in MDN is totally time consuming, hard when refactoring article (full rewrite, split, moves …) and always result to delay… or to no update on the translated article.

Proposed solution:

Navigating to the tails website, I noticed that this project show a translation rate. There the translated articles show a mix of EN/Translated-lang when not fully translated 1. This way all articles always have up-to-date content.

I found on they translate contributing page that for achieving that they use Git and/or Transifex 2.


Is-there any plans to have a mechanism similar to the Tails one for MDN ?
I don’t know how simple is editing content with this kind of system, but we should care as the actual (wiki) is really easy for people without coding skills. Maybe there is a way to have both (maybe it’s already the case)…

Update: This post has been sent to the dev-mdn and dev-mdc mailing lists

  1. Mose-over the language names on the top right and check with a not fully translated language

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