The Internet, a human need or a human right ?

In its post The Internet is a Global Public Resource, Mark Surman asks if we think the Internet rank with other primary human needs. Yes, it’s time to make the Internet a mainstream concern. It’s important that Mozilla, a FLOSS mainstream software maker supports it, because we will need end-to-end consuming chain involvement to succeed. […]

Alopex – TabZero navigation model prototype feedback

Few days ago, Mozilla ask for feedback for it’s Firefox OS 3.0 new navigation model prototype. I’m an dogfooding user. I just tried the new UI prototype. Here is my feedback. I globaly liked the prototype and thank you to UX work (and sharing!). Here is my feedback. Note that I tried to be more […]

MDN translation features & up-to-date content

Problem statement: Maintaining up-to-date translated content in MDN is totally time consuming, hard when refactoring article (full rewrite, split, moves …) and always result to delay… or to no update on the translated article. Proposed solution: Navigating to the tails website, I noticed that this project show a translation rate. There the translated articles show […]

Mozilla’s mission and digital advertising industry

The two first comments of the Mozilla’s mission in the context of digital advertising post show how wide can be the mission to keep a user-centric web : Advertising is maybe no more the better way of funding for the future. Give more info to the publishers, so they can decide to block you content access […]